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Special Programs

Our Special Programs are designed to respond to the biggest current challenges faced by our clients in today's tumultuous global and immigration arena.

Our Current Special Programs

For Ukrainians Program

For Ukrainians Campaign

For Ukrainians Campaign

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The war which began on February 24, 2022 in Ukraine has displaced millions of Ukrainian citizens and residents, sometimes even entire families.  Many seek safety and stability in America, but are unsure how to access available programs and which programs are genuine and which only rumor. We have closely monitored events impacting Ukrainians, including every immigration and humanitarian programs offered by the U.S.


We are offering a range of expedited immigration options to help Ukrainians find safety and freedom in America.  Please note, several new programs and procedures have been announced for Ukrainians since the war began, and new ones are under consideration.  Check with us for the most up to date options available for you and your family.

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Advance Package

The past 4-5 years have not been an easy time for anyone applying for legal immigration options for the U.S.  Long delays, limited access to customer service, complicated and ever-changing immigration laws and policies, and inconsistent adjudication trends were in place when the pandemic struck.  Since March 2020, virtually all U.S. consular processing has been drastically reduced with many posts not even offering interviews (except in very serious emergencies) for non-immigrant visas.  


Stateside, USCIS has been working to catch up with huge backlogs created by closure or limited staffing through 2020 and 2021.  The result - many thousands of qualified applicants for visas and other immigration benefits fee lengthy delays, uncertain and unpredictable timeframes, and almost no updates about their case progress.  Our Advance Package builds off our diverse experience to help clients in this situation get their cases unstuck and moving forward. Take control of your immigration process.  Contact us today to sign up for our affordable and comprehensive Advance Package. 

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For B1, B2, and B1/B2 visas

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For E, H, and L visas

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For F Visas

The Visable Special Program is available for clients of Asgard Law Offices through an exclusive arrangement with Asgard Global Consulting, LLC.

Visable offers you the best possible preparation for your upcoming visa interview.   Our Virtual Visa Interview, a live, online practice interview and counseling session with Ramin Asgard, a former U.S. Department of State Consular Officer, prepares you to perform at your very best at your official interview.  

We have been assisting clients with the Virtual Visa Interview since 2017, and over that time we have helped countless clients clients who have previously been refused, and many who are simply so anxious about their interview and all that is at stake that they are not ready to perform well when the time comes.  

Our Virtual Visa Interview pricing is quite affordable, especially when compared to the very high costs involved with a visa refusal - not to mention delays in your plans and difficulty with future applications.  With all the time and money you spend on planning to reunite your family, planning or building your business or investment activities, preparing and enrolling for college, arranging the perfect job, or even planning a great family vacation, it just does not make sense not to spend a tiny fraction of that time and money ensuring that your U.S.. visa is approved.

The name Visable comes from the peace of mind and confidence we offer through your preparation - when we have completed your Virtual Visa Interview session (or sessions) you will be primed and ready to succeed - in other words, you will be "visable".  So check out Visable's Virtual Visa Interview options so you or your family member, employee, or friend can "Get Visable".


We offer Virtual Visa Interview sessions for many immigrant and non-immigrant visa types at affordable fees and flexible appointment times. Please select the best one for you or your family, and book your Virtual Visa Interview session today.  

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For K-1 and K-2 visas

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For family-based Immigrant Visas

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Services You Need and Can Afford

One additional feature that makes Asgard Law Offices special, and can help make it easier for you to choose our firm is Affordability.

Ways we help make our services

more affordable.

We offer several discounts, free offers, and a transparent and flexible payment plan program.  Inquire for details.

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