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Canada Start Up Visa Program

Your Express Path to Permanent Residency

and a High Quality of Life

Are you a visionary entrepreneur in search of the perfect environment to launch your groundbreaking startup?

Look no further! Canada's Start Up Visa Program is tailor-made for innovators like you, offering a treasure trove of benefits and opportunities.

Why Choose Canada's Start Up Visa Program?

Permanent Residency

Begin your journey toward becoming a permanent resident of Canada, ensuring long-term stability and security.

No Minimum Investment

There is no  minimum investment requirement for the Canada Start-Up Visa Program. No requirement to invest your own money
in the business

Educational Excellence

Access world-class educational institutions and research centres for continuous learning.

Economic Stability

Count on a robust and stable economy, providing a rock-solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey.

Global Access

Canada, renowned for its multicultural society, opens doors to international markets and boasts a diverse talent pool.

Multiple Members

Five team members and their families can
apply for PR with a single business.

Start Up Friendly

Canada nurtures innovation, offering startups with exponential potential an ideal playground.

Quality of Helthcare

Embrace a superb quality of life with access to world-class healthcare for you and your family, making Canada a welcoming haven.

How it Works?

1. Our immigration experts confirm that
you meet the criteria to begin your
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Let's Get Started

In last 5 years, do you have 2 years of Management Experience?
In the last 5 years, do you have 2 years of Business Ownership?
What is the amount that you would like to invest into your business?
Upload File

Important! Be specific while filling this form. We do not provide with jobs; this program is for innovative entrepreneurs. Your application will not be considered otherwise. Submit this form to see if you qualify. If you do our experts will get back to you, to guide, you further. 

Thanks for submitting!

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