CANADA Start Up Visa 


The Canada Start Up Visa Program is a Federally backed program first launched by the Canadian Government as a pilot program in 2013. 

After five years the program has now been given permanent status as of 2018 and is one of the quickest pathways to Canadian Permanent Residency. 

The program is backed by business incubators, angel investors and other organizations designated by the Federal Government as supporters of the program. 

The aim of the program is to bring skilled entrepreneurs to Canada in order to drive innovation and job creation for Canadians in various sectors of the economy.



- Irrevocable Permanent Residency
- Client can choose to move and settle anywhere in Canada except Quebec.
- Dependent Children up to 22 years old
- Status in Canada not tied to Start Up Company
- Fastest way to Permanent Residence and Citizenship in Canada
- Federally backed program, client not tied to one specific region or province

- Time-frame to Permanent Resident Status: 12-14 months